Math: Property Cube
Students or teacher will use the listed site to create "Property Cubes". The cube pattern should be printed on card stock for durability. The list of properties studied have been compiled for easy reference. This activity can be used for a class, small group or indiviual review. This makes a great "ticket out" activity.


Formative Feedback Strategy
7th grade Math – “Property Cube”
During the final 5-6 minutes of class, students will take turns rolling the “Property Cube”. When the “property cube” is rolled, students will then have to do one of the following:
· give the definition of the property
· write an example for the property
· work with a partner to define and give example
This is a great review and will act as an on- going assessment of the math property rules.
1. addition property of equality
2. additive inverse property
3. associative propertyof addition
4. associative property of multiplication
5. commutative property of multiplication
6. commutative property
7. Distributive Property
8. Division property of equality
9. Identity property of addition
10. Identity property of multiplication
11. Multiplication property of equality
12. Multiplicative Inverse property
13. Subtraction property of equality