“Touching Spirit Bear”- WebQuest #1by: Ben Mikaelsen Before Reading the novel look at the following web site about author Ben Mikaelsen and answer the following questions: http://www.benmikaelsen.com/

1. What unique pet did Mr. Mikaelsen have?

2. What is the title of another of his novels?

3. What is one piece of advice Ben Mikaelsen gives young writers? (go to Home page) hint: it is a quote by Ben and is in italics

4. Where do Mr. Mikaelsen and his wife live now?

5. Where and when was he born? www.wikipedia.org (Search Author)

6. What 2 prestigious awards has he won?

7. Name one DVD Ben offers.

8. Read and summarize one of the stories from Buffy’s Corner.

9. How many different presentations does Ben offer?

10. What is the author’s email address?

11. What is Ben’s newest book?

12. Name the three adventures Ben has been on.

13. How many years has he been writing?

14. How much did it cost to feed Buffy in a year?

15. How long does it take him to write one book?

16. Recently Ben was featured nationally on and _.

17. How many years had Buffy been with Ben?

18. How can Ben visit us without leaving his hometown?

19. Name the location and type of presentation Ben will be doing on May 10, 2010.

20. What part of the website is animated?