Podcast Planning Tool: VOICE THREAD” By: Virginia Schmunk
Text to Read
Sound Effect
Segment One: Introduction to the Topic

Book talks are a great way for students to share their favorite books with their teachers and classmates. Web 2.0 tools provide the perfect opportunity for students to identify story elements, allows brief descriptions, and possible interaction with peers. Voice Thread allows students to examine and share what they enjoy.
How Can I share my favorite book? “VOICE THREAD

“computer sounds”
Segment Two: Key Highlights, Thoughts, Viewpoints about the Topic

Voice Thread allows students to select images that could reflect the theme, characters, setting, or any other key concept they would like to share.

Segment Three: Closing Comments

Voice Thread showcases information and images about the student’s reading selection. Voice Thread aims to inform and encourage other students to read their selection through brief explanations and interesting images.


Taken from an activity conducted by Apple Learning Interchange at NECC 2008 http://edcommunity.apple.com/ali/story.php?itemID=15720